Volume 4

Dates Published: April 1, 2015 - November 28, 2015

Issue 1 (April 1, 2015 - November 28, 2015)

They Know Our Eyes: Happy trailer-versary by YB

In Media Res:: The Original Trilogy by YB

Gwendoline Christie’s TFA Character Confirmed by Professor Jango

Next Spinoff Film to Feature Boba Fett by Professor Jango

Rebels Season 2 Premiers June 20th by Professor Jango

The Beginning Is The Middle And Not The End: Happy May 19th! by YB

Star Wars: Rogue One Details Released by Port Haven News

Marvel Expands SW Comics to Include Lando by Professor Jango

New The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer Released by Professor Jango

New TFA Promo Art Releases by Port Haven News

Celebration Program Shows Full Stormtrooper Armor by Port Haven News

Celebration Anaheim Events to be Livestreamed by Port Haven News

Star Wars Lands Three of March’s Top Ten Comics by Professor Jango

Star Wars Saga Available Digitally by Port Haven News

Topps Star Wars Card Trader App: A Beginner's Guide by YB

Review: Kanan: The Last Padawan #1 by Professor Jango

The Adventure of Brodysseus and Swagamemnon: Bros Before Trojans by Matt Maine

Celebration Anaheim Opening Panel May Be Simulcast by Port Haven News

Next Episode VII Trailer to Debut with Age of Ultron by Port Haven News

Issue 2 (July 8, 2015 - August 10, 2015)

TFA Debuts First International TV Spot by Port Haven News

DICE Reveals Battlefront Fighter Squadron Mode by Port Haven News

Port Haven Podcast – Episode I: I'm not such a bad pilot myself... by Professor Jango

New Limited Edition Blu-Ray Steelbook Set Announced by Port Haven News

Chewbacca Gets Solo Comic Miniseries by Port Haven News

Colin Trevorrow to Direct Episode IX by Port Haven News

Rumor: Slate of Films to Be Announced at SDCC by Port Haven News

Rumor: Vader to Appear in Rogue One by Port Haven News

Han Solo Anthology Film Confirmed: "Lego Movie" Creators to Direct by Port Haven News

Lucasfilm Launches Star Wars App by Port Haven News

Issue 3 (September 10, 2015 - October 21, 2015)

Why The Force Awakens is NOT The Phantom Menace: A look at the trailers to two highly anticipated films. by YB

France and UK to Get Early TFA Release Dates by Port Haven News

TFA’s Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma Voices Revealed by Port Haven News

Force Awakens to Offer Special 3D Glasses by Port Haven News

Rogue One Cast Announced by Port Haven News

Rumor: Peter Cushing Returns in Rogue One by Port Haven News

Star Wars Lands Come to Disney by Port Haven News

Issue 4 (November 14, 2015 - November 14, 2015)

Podcast: Port Haven Podcast – Episode II: Attack of the Trailer by Professor Jango