Professor Jango’s Lectern

Ahem . . . May I have your attention please . . .? This is Professor Jango’s column. If this is not the course for which you have registered, you should consult with your adviser or with the office of the registrar. OK. Since that is settled, allow me to preview the course.

This column will mostly consist of lectures by your instructor, namely, yours truly, Professor Jango. Lectures will cover a wide array of topics, all related to the ever-changing world of internet fandom and how it often violently collides with the worlds of philosophy and politics. Therefore, any and all such topics could possibly be covered during these lectures, and you will be responsible for all material covered, on both your midterm and final exams. For these lectures, participation and comments are not mandatory but are strongly encouraged.

Although any topic may come up on any given day at the whim of your instructor, I have already planned a variety of series that will be covered in this course. Additionally, it is likely that new series will begin eventually. Those already planned are as follows:

•“Notes from the Professor’s Desk” A commentary on life here at Port Haven, as well as any administrative issue that might require more extensive written thoughts.

•“The Misadventures of an Unlikely TCW Apologist” Thoughts on episodes of the animated television show Star Wars: The Clone Wars and corresponding themes written by a former detractor.

•“The Intergalactic Campaign Trail” Articles chronicling the campaign stops and political journey of Galactic Senate hopeful, Amarant Caltrel of Maedano.

Any questions, class? If not, you are dismissed until our next class period. Please check your syllabus for homework and reading assignments, and come by during office hours if you have any questions.

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Professor Jango is an Administrator on the Port Haven Forums as well as a regular contributor to Port Haven Magazine. In addition to portraying a professor on internet fansites, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science and is an actual professor.