Review: Yoda’s Secret War – Marvel’s Star Wars vol 5

A review of the 5th trade paper back of Marvel’s Star Wars series. C-3PO and R2-D2 have gone missing! Luke Skywalker looks for guidance from the Journal of Ben Kenobi. What he finds is a previously unknown tale of a war-torn planet and the small in statue Jedi Master who seeks peace for the planet.

Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciller: Salvador Larroca

This collection also features Annual #2, a story about Princess Leia as she once again has to dodge the Empire. This time with the help of a woman who wants nothing to do with the war. Will they be friends or foes?

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Penciller: Emilio Laiso

I really liked this collection. I’ve been reading the main Marvel Star Wars line for a while and while it was always good, it’s only improved as time has gone on. As a Yoda fan I think the got Yoda completely right. And Annual #2 really captured Leia as she deal with others paying for her cause.


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