Rogue One Trailer Breakdown:


1:18 Minute: This is one of the most intriguing shots in the trailer. A black-cloaked and hooded figure kneels before a… bacta tank? With smoke and Imperial Red Guards? My first that was that this is Vader, but we’ve never seen him with a hood before. New look? Is this Forest Whitaker? Is this Palpatine? The Red Guards make me think Palps is around somewhere. Is the Emperor in the bacta and hurt? Why the smoke? Is it a cryotube and not a bacta tank?

1:19 Minute: Forest Whitaker is telling someone (Probably Jyn) to watch out for what path she’s walking down. Because this is Star Wars and paths are like crazy important.

1:20 Minute: Dude runs out of base and then there’s a bunch of AT-ATs on a beach. So awesome! Now I’m not sure if this is the Imperial base, and the AT-ATs were there, or is this a Rebel Base and the AT-ATs are attacking. But it appears that Jyn and Maybe-Biggs are running towards the AT-ATs.

1:29 Minute: “What will you become?” With the super dark-mockingjay shot. Jyn is in Imperial Armor. Is she undercover? Has she turned? Does she even know herself?

1:33 Minute: We see the title and hear what seemed to be original music become the Imperial March blended with the Star Wars Main theme. Because she’s going dark? Just simply because this involves the Empire?


End of trailer.

Incredible! Where TFA felt like a continuation this feels like something completely different. TFA sought to forge a new path through canon. This feels almost like an adaptation, not of a specific story but rather of something built within a mythos. The feel is entirely Star Wars and yet it isn’t at all. Which I find completely exciting. I believe this will be the film for those who wanted TFA to be something new and different. In a way, I’d argue that TFA and R1 together are co-launching points for this new era of Star Wars movies. TFA for the fans that wanted the comfort of home, and R1 for those who want to go and explore new lands.

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