GA Thrawn

Learn about art, Captain. When you understand a species’ art, you understand that species.

There’s little else to say in closing. Right now speculation is high and spoilers are rampant. (Spoilers I’m personally avoiding.) But right now we as fans find ourselves in one of the most exciting eras of our fandom. Not only are we looking at a new, and Jar-Jarless, trilogy. These “Star Wars Stories” are going to bring a big screen version of EU-like adventures. A Star Wars film a year until the money bins of Disney run dry, this after a decade of thinking Star Wars was dying. The universe is wide open, and though we’ve been here before we did not recognize the true scope of a Star Wars Expanded Universe at first. Now we’ve seen how far it could go, and with the combined power of tried and true characters and brand new ones I think the Expanded Universe: The Second Draft could be far greater than we ever knew. This is just more proof that the folks at Lucasfilm understand what their fans want after all this time.