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Santa Claus – Jedi?

December 19, 2012 Matt Maine 0

  (WARNING – RECYCLED POODOO – This is an entry from almost exactly 7 years ago, when the Hyperspace Blogs at were brand new. This was one of my first holiday blog entries…) Moose Poodoo by: The Dark Moose date posted: Dec 21, 2005  I posed this question last

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The Hyperion Estate: Chapter Two

December 18, 2012 Matt Maine 0

Daylight crept through the cloudy sky, and Rocco, bleary-eyed from lack of sleep, climbed the ladder to the top of the train to inspect the landscape. After a few minutes, he saw a beaten-up wooden sign in the distance. As it got closer, he saw that, in crude red paint

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The Hyperion Estate: Chapter One

November 27, 2012 Matt Maine 0

Nyriki Rocco sat in a rusted empty car at the back of a train on the Lost Coast, one eye on the diminishing landscape and one on his watch. 6:51. Almost dusk, he thought. He checked his pistol and saw the charge: 46%. Soon night would fall and he wouldn’t be