Galaxy’s Edge Comic Series Announced has announced a five-issue Marvel series set at Black Spire Outpost on Batuu. Many of you will recognize that location as the planet featured in much anticipated Galaxy’s Edge theme park coming later this year. Batuu has popped up here and there over the last year throughout various Star Wars content. However, this series places the planet front and center, covering multiple eras as we follow the Ithorian antique collector, Dok-Ondar.

Writer Ethan Sacks says:

Our series will give fans the chance to visit Black Spire Outpost months ahead of voyaging to Batuu in person. Armed with top-secret sketches and information from Walt Disney Imagineering and Lucasfilm, we are keeping this authentic to the spirit of this rich new setting.

The series will take us through the many stories behind Dok-Ondor’s rare antiques. Sacks mentions there are many “intertwined” stories and the publisher’s summary hints that the arrival of the First Order on Batuu. This arrival appears to threaten the existence of Black Spire Outpost and sets the events of the comic in motion. At least one of the stories will feature a mission with Han and Chewie. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with Batuu, it is a planet considered the last stop between Wild Space and the Unknown Regions (where the First Order emerged). The Unknown Regions have been featured more prominently as of late, possibly indicating the location will play a large role in future stories, post-Episode IX. The park is also designed to give fans a fully immersive experience, so it will be interesting to see if elements from these stories carry over to the park itself.

Also check out this concept art variant cover:

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #1 will be released April 24, 2019. The series is written by Ethan Sacks and features art by Will Sliney. Sacks previously wrote a story about Mace Windu in the Age of Republic and Sliney drew the Beckett one-shot issue. 

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