Season One


Episode 17-18: “Blue Shadow Virus” “Mystery of a Thousand Moons”
Synopsis: The Separatists have set up shop on Naboo to perfect a strain of a formerly extinct virus. Padme and Jar Jar investigate and find themselves at odds with a mad scientist. Obi-Wan and Anakin seek out a cure in the moons of Iego and encounter a boy genius, a ghost, and the angelic beings from everyone’s favorite pickup line.

Rating: RotJ. Due to Jar Jar and other elements there are a few eye brow raising moments. Overall the episode is a good mix of mystery and action. There are a few tense scenes involving main characters that you totally know won’t die.

Episode 19-21: “Storm Over Ryloth” “Innocents of Ryloth” Liberty on Ryloth”
Synopsis: These episodes follow the campaign to free Ryloth (if you couldn’t tell from the titles). The first episode centers on Ahsoka during her debut squadron command as she deals with the tougher side of leadership. In the second episode Obi-Wan and a platoon of troopers begin the ground assault. A trooper’s heart will grow three sizes this day. In the third episode, Mace Windu does Mace Windu things along side a charismatic Twi’lek leader.

Rating: AotC. All three episodes have heart. While their plots are standalone, spending three episodes on the same campaign helps to build emotion. These are not to be missed!

Continuity warning ahead! These episodes claim that Ryloth has a daily rotation. Wookieepedians beware.

Fun Fact: Ahsoka employs the “Marg Sabl” maneuver during a battle. This first appeared in Timothy Zahn’s novel Heir to the Empire.

Episode 22: “Hostage Crisis”
Synopsis: In this episode we meet Cad Bane, who’s totally BA and has the hat to prove it. He and a band of other miscreants, including Aurra Sing, take over the Senate building unaware that Anakin is visiting his wife for a “lunch break”.

Rating: AotC. This episode ends the season with a bang! (Unrelated to the “lunch break”.) There’s a lot of action and some great characters appearing on screen for the first time. Also, it seems Padme wears the pants in the marriage. But who’s really surprised?

Flow Walker Warning: Not so much an issue for this season but for next. I’ll be clearing up a few timeline issues with this episode in the Season 2 guide.




So there we have the first season of The Clone Wars! It might start out weak for many fans, but it really picks up steam fast. And with the beginning of Season 2 you’ll find it’s powers have double from the last time you met.

Thanks to the folks at Wookieepedia, the Official Star Wars Blog, and Mad Wook for help with the chronology!

Have more fun facts to add for new viewers? Think I am way off base with my ratings? I think there’s a thread for that listed below.

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