Season Two

Geonosis Arc Episodes 4-8:
The following five episodes all follow the same military campaign but they’re very different in terms of story.

“Senate Spy”
Synopsis: There’s a potential traitorous senator slipping secrets to the Separatists. To make things more interesting he and Padme used to be “close”. Anakin acts as pilot/bodyguard as he angrily observes Padme finding proof of these accusations.

Ratings: AotC. Didn’t you always want an episode where Anakin and Padme work out their marital problems while Padme makes Anakin jealous because she’s mad at him for ignoring her all the time? Yeah, I didn’t either. The most redeeming thing about this episode is how it sets up the next four. Otherwise, it’s very groan inducing.

“Landing at Point Rain” 
Synopsis: Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, and Ki-Adi Mundi lead a ground assault in a campaign back on the planet where the Clone War began. It’s non-stop adventure and excitement in this episode!

Rating: RotS. Genius is the only word I can use to describe these 22-minutes. If I were forced to use more I’d say it has all of the fun humor of the Original Trilogy and all of the epic visuals of the Prequels. It’s very violent for the littlest fans, but it’s not dark. You might just watch it for yourself to decide. Also, I actually found myself enjoying Ahsoka’s character.

“Weapons Factory”
Synopsis: Luminara and her Padawan Bariss Offee join Anakin and Ahsoka to take out the new droid factory on Geonosis. Their two-prong attack has Anakin fretting. He doesn’t take kindly to letting go. This is a revelation about his character, I know.

Rating: ANH. Ahsoka is a bit harder to bear in this one, but the comparison of teaching styles between Anakin and Luminara is very interesting to watch. There’s still a lot of action in this one and some emotion.

“Legacy of Terror” “Brain Invaders”
Synopsis: The Geonosian leader is on the run… to a strange and abandoned temple. Luminara investigates but finds trouble. Anakin and Obi-Wan join in on the fun in one of the strangest episodes of the series… inside a hive of bug-people. Then the oddities continue when a parasite makes it’s way onto a Republic star ship al a Wrath of Kahn. Ahsoka and Bariss must deal with Zombie Troopers!

Rating: RotS. The first episode is literally one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. It’s probably going to scare the smallest of kids. And it’s going to make anyone older wonder what was in their drink. The second episode is a bit less weird but filled with moments for long-time fans. Overall, these episodes are intense, fun, and definitely worth a watch.

Fun Fact: The last two episodes of this arc premiered a few weeks after the novel “Death Troopers” was released. Star Wars was going through its Zombie Phase.

Episode 9: “Grievous Intrigue” 
Synopsis: Jedi Master Eeth Koth is captured by General Grievous. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Jedi Adi Gallia seek to rescue him. Awesome fight scenes abound!

Rating: ANH. This one is a fun adventure with non-stop action!

Canon Shifts Ahead! Apparently, the character of Eeth Koth “died” in the Battle of Geonosis in AotC. But off screen deaths are anti-climatic.

Episode 10: “The Deserter”
Synopsis: Obi-Wan pursues General Grievous to the world of Saleucami. Rex gets injured and separated from the others. He’s taken in by a local farmer… a clone trooper who has deserted from the army.

Rating: ESB. A must for the Trooper fans out there. It’s a great look into the mind and motivations of the Clone Troopers. They may be clones but they definitely don’t think alike.

Episode 11: “Lightsaber Lost”
Synopsis: Ahsoka loses her lightsaber. She has to find it before the other Jedi find out. She teams up with the elderly Jedi Tera Sinube. They find themselves mixed up in the Coruscant Underworld.

Rating: AotC. This is one of my favorite one-shot episodes. I know, the synopsis sounds less than enthralling. To be fair, it has some face-palm moments. But the new character of Sinube is absolutely charming! There are several pay-off moments that make the episode something special.

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