Where’s Marv?? Super Cut

If you watched YodaBauer’s Star Wars Celebration Vlogs then you saw the Where’s Marv?? Segments. Here’s a supercut made as a special birthday request by Marv himself. Make sure to go to Twitter and drop Marv a Happy Birthday message: @NumidianPrime

Catch YB’s Vlogs here:
Day Zero: https://youtu.be/MOdp2S3IRPk
Day One: https://youtu.be/WW_RT6dHNFQ
Day Two: https://youtu.be/g2F5NMEVstA
Day Three: https://youtu.be/6yV6VYYfP4s
Day Four: https://youtu.be/EglyxSadCsE
Day Five: https://youtu.be/bJ0I1BV5U8c

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