EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game

Many fans were worried when it was announced that Electronic Arts was taking over the Star Wars gaming license. I’m not heavily involved in the gaming world so I was most surprised by this announcement as I had known EA mostly for their sporting title. Unfortunately, Star Wars games seem to have fallen into the same pitfall as many other games from the company. One long incredibly troubled production has been outright canceled by EA.

According to Kotaku, EA has decided to pull the plug on EA Vancouver’s open-world Star Wars game. The title itself was based on the unfinished project developed by the obsolete Viscercal Games. Back in October of 2017, it was announced that the EA Vancouver would be taking over the project from Visceral. Almost a year and a half later, EA has decided that whatever development that’s been made wasn’t worth further investment. It is suggested that, while the project has cancelled, the resources could be used for a smaller game.

The games and development from this company has been incredibly frustrating. Many fans were extremely displeased with the lack of content at launch of Battlefront, and the microtransaction disaster with Battlefront II was an even larger blemish (to the point where Disney had to intervene). All that is to say EA’s Star Wars related problems aren’t isolated to the now canceled open-world game.

EA’s contract with Lucasfilm continues through 2023 and knowing that the company is already on thin ice with Disney makes one wonder if Disney might try to terminate the contract early. The company has only produced two console games in six years, something I’m certain Disney is not happy about. It’s still possible that Lucasfilm finishes out the partnership and changes direction in 2023, possibly putting their eggs in different baskets, not just one. However, EA still has time to turn the situation around and I hope they’re able to do so.

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