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Hello Readers! Today I will be talking to you about no longer just being a reader but being a player. Err, game player that is.

So there’s this new free-to-play Star Wars app called Star Wars: Commander. It’s a little bit Clash of Clans (or so I’m told) but really it’s just a new addition to that category of game. Players have a base and can attack each other’s bases as part of a player verses player experience and a story line bases on “missions” where you play against the computer. You start as a smuggler trying to make a living in the Dune Seas of Tatooine. However, events cause you to take up a flag in the raging Galactic Civil War. At this point you must choose a side: both the Rebels and the Imperials are offering you a home. Which will you choose?

Personally, I chose the Rebels on one device and the Imperials on another. ;)

The game comes with 3 days protection from other players. You can buy more protection time through the rare commodity of crystals. You’ll also receive 12 hours protection in the event someone else raids your base. If at any time you raid another player you lose all protection.

This app is a fun addition to its genre. Games like this are hit and miss with me but this one seems to have an engaging atmosphere. Most importantly, it’s not loaded with advertisements. It’s free to play without all of the annoying spam. However, every game has to make its money somehow. The resource production feels much, much slower than other games if its kind. It’s very frustrating to not use crystals to buy resources (which would lead into using real money to fund the game). After you get it started it will be a game to checking in every few hours with maybe a few minutes of active game play. (This may change as my base gets bigger and can harvest more resources.) The game is completely free to play and there are not units or buildings that you can only receive through real-money purchases. The progression of your base will just be limited to what you can harvest yourself.

The game itself is well thought out in how it brings Star Wars to life. All of the units are very unique to Star Wars, including some elements not seen in the films (like the Darktrooper for example). The music is wonderful. The interface is smooth in all things, though the chat function could be better. (But chat functions are notoriously annoying so I’m personally letting that slide.)

Now on to the important thing for new players: Rebel or Imperials?

There is a difference in gameplay between the two factions. Imperials can build up their bases faster, acquire more troop and vehicle types sooner, and take more troops into battle sooner. This is probably better for the player interested more in the story missions that PvP. (But PvP is an unavoidable part of the game unless you want to spend real money). Rebels have smaller armies at the start of the game but they gain access to Heroes sooner. Heroes (like Han Solo for example) are the strongest units in the game but they can only be used to raid other player’s bases. If you play as the Rebels you may want to break protection sooner to gain more resources, but only if you plan on being an active player early on.

If you’re a member of Port Haven, we’re in the process of building up a Port Haven alliance (called a “Squad” in this game). You would have to play as the Rebels to join us, the game requires that Squads have all members of the same faction. Just search for “Port Haven” in the game’s Squad search.

Too long; didn’t read version: A very nifty app and a great addition to the genre. It’s worth playing just to see if it’s your style. If anything the environment in the app is very fun and worth playing around to find some cool references.

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