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Santa Claus – Jedi?

December 19, 2012 Matt Maine 0

  (WARNING – RECYCLED POODOO – This is an entry from almost exactly 7 years ago, when the Hyperspace Blogs at were brand new. This was one of my first holiday blog entries…) Moose Poodoo by: The Dark Moose date posted: Dec 21, 2005  I posed this question last

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Chapter Two

December 18, 2012 Matt Maine 0

Daylight crept through the cloudy sky, and Rocco, bleary-eyed from lack of sleep, climbed the ladder to the top of the train to inspect the landscape. After a few minutes, he saw a beaten-up wooden sign in the distance. As it got closer, he saw that, in crude red paint

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Return of Kyle Katarn?

December 10, 2012 The Dark Moose 0

As a gaming fan for over 3 decades now, I have many fond memories of Pong, my ZX81, my ZX 48k Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari 2600, Amiga 500, NES, Megadrive 8 and 16bit, 3DO, PC, PS1, 2 and 3, XBOX, blah blah blah… You get the picture!!  Some of the

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A Force Beyond Force

December 7, 2012 Grand Admiral Sean 0

  Return of the Jedi has the reputation of being the weakest installment of the Original Trilogy, but it’s one of my favorite episodes of the film Saga, in large part because of a single perfect moment that plays out like this: Luke drives Vader to his knees, severs his arm…

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Before the Revenge

December 6, 2012 Professor Jango 0

  A long time ago in a galaxy far away… For three years after the events of Attack of the Clones the Clone Wars rage on. There is an ongoing battle between the Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker and the Separatists Count Dooku and General Grievous. The Republic’s troops have

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Before Spaceballs, there was Quark

December 5, 2012 The Dark Moose 0

  (WARNING – RECYCLED POODOO – This was my 24th entry from just after the release of Episode III, when the Hyperspace Blogs at were still brand new…) Moose Poodoo by: The Dark Moose date posted: Jun 24, 2005 11:44 AM Proof that shtoopid 8-year-old kids are pretty easily

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The Next Step

December 3, 2012 Grand Admiral Sean 0

  I find it’s helpful to begin these articles with blindingly fucking obvious observations and then elaborate upon them, so here’s my thesis: Change is scary. Even for me, and I do mixed martial arts. Right now I’m in the midst of the scariest change I’ve ever made in my

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Part II

November 30, 2012 Professor Jango 0

The sapphire blades of the Jedi met the crimson shaft of the assassin’s saber high off the ground. The force of the collision sent both combatants flying backwards, both hitting the wet, slightly sticky ground. Each took a split second to gather himself. The Jedi decided that he would go

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No One of Consequence

November 28, 2012 Professor Jango 0

  When I first conceptualized this article, I intended for it to be a rumination on my approaching 25th birthday (which will have just barely passed by the time this is published). The quarter-century mark is one of many such milestones which seem as almost nothing from the viewpoint of