Port Haven StreamCast Bonus Episode! Talking to David Collins

June 19, 2019 YB 0

I had the honor of chatting with David Collins! Stream recording in two parts so this is a re-upload of our conversation! Follow David Collins in the following places! @DavidWCollins on Twitter, DavidWCollins on Instagram, and check out his podcast all about movie soundtracks here! http://bit.ly/2ETJChz Check out our past

Celebrating with Cavan Scott

April 21, 2019 YB 0

Hey there, Port Havenites! I had the absolute pleasure to meet and chat with Cavan Scott at Star Wars Celebration. The following is an interview we recorded there and I’ve since transcribed into this article. This chat is easily a top highlight from the weekend. Cavan Scott is every bit

Forging the Old Republic- An Interview with Alex Kane

April 7, 2019 YB 0

If you talk to anyone who’s played Star Wars video games then it’s most likely that they’re going to tell you that Knights of the Old Republic is their favorite. In many ways it’s The Empire Strikes Back of the Legends Canon universe. Alex Kane has written a wonderful behind-the-scenes

An Interview with Lou Anders

January 24, 2019 Professor Jango 0

I recently had the privilege to chat with author Lou Anders about writing, fandom, and of course Star Wars. He is the author of the recent novel, Pirate’s Price, a part of the “Flight of the Falcon” series of comics and novels detailing the journey of the Millennium Falcon throughout the Star Wars saga. The novel features Hondo Ohnaka (a favorite character of mine from The Clone Wars and Rebels) telling stories of his various encounters with the Falcon

An Interview with Ken Liu

March 26, 2018 Professor Jango 0

I had the amazing opportunity to chat with author Ken Liu about writing, fandom, and of course Star Wars.  He is the author of two pieces of Star Wars fiction in the last year, the novel The Legends of Luke Skywalker (2017) as well as the short story “The Sith of Datawork” from

“A Man of Many Hats” – An Interview with Tom Huddleston

March 11, 2018 YB 0

  In another great interview, we had a chat with author Tom Huddleston! We talked about his time with the magazine Time Out, where he wrote about all things film, his original music, his original books, and of course his work on Star Wars: Adventure in Wild Space! He was