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Interview with Barbara Hambly

October 19, 2012 Grand Admiral Sean 0

There’s little to say by way of introduction except that (1.) Barbara Hambly writes the way I’ve always wanted to write, (2.) she personally maintains an endlessly amusing Facebook fan page, and (3.) she is surprisingly gracious about interview requests from strangers with dubious journalistic credentials. (You should subscribe to that

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Misadventures of an Unlikely TCW Apologist

October 17, 2012 Professor Jango 0

I have been a Star Wars fan for over a decade now. This is no huge accomplishment given that I’m almost 25 years old now and many people have been Star Wars fans their entire lives (or at least since the saga first hit the silver screen). I took quickly

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Interview with Kevin J. Anderson

October 12, 2012 Grand Admiral Sean 0

I could introduce this interview with the usual journalistic chatter: “Kevin J. Anderson is the internationally bestselling author of numerous novels in the Star Wars and Dune settings, as well as his own Saga of Seven Suns—” But you already know that, and if you didn’t you could learn it

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Rocket Man

October 10, 2012 The Dark Moose 0

Neil Armstrong was the first hero of my generation. His crowning achievement came when I was 7 months old, and was the culmination of a lifetime of quiet courage and unblinking boldness. Every child I knew, mostly boys like me, held 3 prized toys among their Lincoln Logs and Tonka

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Requiem for a Rat

October 8, 2012 Grand Admiral Sean 0

A couple weeks ago a man from the internet died. Getting news like that will never cease to be a surreal experience for me, because when you don’t see somebody face to face, you forget he has a body that can be torn apart by shrapnel. This was him. (Facebook)

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A History

October 1, 2012 Professor Jango 0

In 1999, the world of the ‘Star Wars geek’ was once again alive with the release of The Phantom Menace. I was 26 at the time and felt like a little boy again as it brought back memories of my amazing youth, playing endlessly with all of my Star Wars stuff! But this time

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A Letter To The Reader

October 1, 2012 twittle 0

Dear Port Haven denizens, Star Wars enthusiasts, and other readers: After all the hype and missed deadlines over the past several months, Port Haven 2.0 is here at last! Several months ago, we began looking into ways we could expand our presence on the web, and after exploring several options, we decided

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October 1, 2012 The Dark Moose 0

With each issue I’d like to take you through the halls of my old “alma mooster”, provided to us by the skilled design Jedi at LucasOnline. Sure, I was never part of the paid staff. I was sort of a volunteer janitor that no one could figure out how

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Starting the Conversation

October 1, 2012 Grand Admiral Sean 0

In the first draft of this article, I listed seven cardinal virtues and seven cardinal vices of posting to compliment the Ten Commandments of the Port Haven Fora. A colleague suggested gently that it might not be appropriate for me to set myself up as Port Haven’s Miss Manners. He