The Dark Moose Bossk Haiku Collection

February 10, 2018 The Dark Moose 0

Recently a reader (and it should be noted only one reader) asked if I could dig up my old haiku collection dedicated to the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk, first seen in Empire Strikes Back. In case you’ve forgotten, Fandom, a haiku is a traditional Japanese form of poetry in a three-line

Finn’s Journey and the Purpose of Canto Bight

February 9, 2018 YB 0

So was Canto Bight a total waste? Or was there more to it? What was Finn’s story in The Last Jedi? Let’s hash it out! Follow us on Twitter @PortHavenForums and visit Port-Haven.Com for more! Proud Member of the #YTWP

Port Haven StreamCast #2 Game of Solo!

February 8, 2018 YB 0

Hey all! Professor Jango and YodaBauer are here for episode 2 of the Port Haven StreamCast to discuss the new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer and the new Star Wars movies announced by the Game of Thrones showrunners! Drop by Port-Haven.Com for more! And subscribe here and follow us

Solo: A Star Wars Story FULL Trailer and TV Spot Breakdown

February 7, 2018 YB 0

YodaBauer goes frame by frame through the Solo: A Star Wars Story Teaser and Super Bowl TV Spot. See our reaction to the teaser here: See YodaBauer’s reaction to the TV Spot here: News of a new Star Wars trilogy here: Follow on Twitter @PortHavenForums Visit Port-Haven.Com

NEW Star Wars Trilogy Announced! By Game of Thrones Producers!

February 6, 2018 YB 0

Breaking news! We have yet another anthology trilogy on the way! This video Features Sgt Curry Pants, check her channel out here! Get updates by following @PortHavenForums on Twitter and check out Port-Haven.Com for more Star Wars content! Proud member of the #YTWP

Solo Super Bowl TV Spot Reaction

February 4, 2018 YB 0

YodaBauer watches the Solo TV Spot from the Sport Bowl Thing with her parents…. Follow us @PortHavenForums on Twitter and visit Port-Haven.Com! Proud member of the #YTWP

Solo: A Star Wars Story Full Teaser Reactions

February 4, 2018 YB 0

YodaBauer and Professor Jango watch the full trailer together! Hear more discussion in the Port Haven StreamCast on Thursday! Follow us @PortHavenForums on Twitter for details or hit the notification button here! Click the link for all past episodes of the StreamCast! See YodaBauer’s reaction to the Super Bowl

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter LP – Episode 2 – Career Coaching

February 4, 2018 Professor Jango 0

Join your boy, Professor Jango, as he plays the game that made him love Jango Fett from the start, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter! This episode: Bounties for Bullets, Life Coaching, Glitches Get Stitches, Jet-pack Acquisition. Follow us @PortHavenForums on Twitter and visit Port-Haven.Com. Port Haven is a proud member of