Phantoms of Resistance: New Serial Teaser


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On the surface, it was a calm night on the planet-spanning ocean on Dac. However, something was coming up from the depths.

Since the Empire took Dac, they had enslaved most of the native Mon Calamari and Quarren population and put them to work mainly mining various resources used in the construction of star cruisers. The central mine of this particular labor camp was located deep under the waves, connected to the surface by the tower of a large ore extractor that extended several dozen meters above the swell. There were also several repulsor-lifted platforms serving as supply warehouses as well as dormitories for both the occupying troops and the slaves.

On board the Imperial barracks platform a conversation between two Imperial military officers was taking place.

“Of all the postings in the galaxy I get placed on the one planet that constantly reeks of fish,” the younger of the two grey-clad officers vented.

“There are worse posts, however, this one presents a unique security risk,” the senior officer responded. “While the natives of this world may seem relatively harmless, they can be very dangerous.”

Their conversation was cut short when a loud rumble broke the air. The two moved to the viewport just in time to see the blinding light of the last of a series of explosions moving up the ore extractor.

“Case in point,” the senior officer said in a frustrated tone.

Far in the distance, a dome-headed humanoid, no doubt one of the native Mon Calamari, broke the surface just as ripples from the sudden blasts reached him. The ore extractor no longer jutting above the water, he knew his mission was accomplished. Though the Empire maintained control of the galaxy for now, a storm was brewing, a storm bringing the winds of change.