Phantoms of Resistance: Part II

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“You just had to taunt them,” the male Mon Calamari dead-panned as he slid behind a sizable rock on the hillside for cover, the rolling green plains of Naboo lit by the afternoon sun in the background.

“I didn’t figure that they’d attack if we didn’t actually cross into their compound,” a fair-haired Human female responded before turning beside the rock to return fire up the hill with a blaster carbine and returning to cover. “Besides, Groz was out for Mauler blood after that incident anyway,”she added, referring to the golden-furred Wookiee a few meters to their side.

“Can we just talk about this later?” interjected a blue-skinned female Twi’lek who was ducking behind the same rock, clutching a medium-sized blaster pistol.

The Mon Calamari and Groz simultaneously let loose salvos from their carbine and bowcaster, respectively. Their bolts sent three of the remaining five Maulers diving for cover and striking a fourth in the chest, but the fifth, armed with a good sized vibro-blade continued charging down the hill at the Groz. The Wookiee had expended his quarrels and was loading more when he noticed the assailant approaching him, however, the Twi’lek made quick work of the charging man, striking him in the throat with a shot of red plasma from her blaster.

The three remaining Maulers, having just seen two of their own gunned down, realizing that they were now out-numbered, began to retreat to their stronghold. The Mon Calamari and Human provided them extra incentive to flee by delivering harassing fire at their backs.

When they were out of range Groz turned to the Human and grunted something in his own language.

“You said it Groz. That should make them think twice before trying to take your hide again,” she responded.

“Still, Sarna, do you really think it was necessary to tell a numerically superior force of armed men that they could ‘go bork themselves’?” the Mon Calamari jabbed.

“No, Deshet, but it was more fun than your plan when we ran into that patrol.” Sarna replied snidely.

“You mean the plan in which we were going to stalk them until nightfall then take them out quietly?” Deshet responded, the tall dome-headed being slinging his carbine over his shoulder. “Now, thanks to your boldness, every Mauler on Naboo will be gunning for us.”

“Just stop arguing, you two!” the Twi’lek said as sternly as she could.

“Caco’ti is right,” Sarna stated. “We should head to Keren and get off this rock as soon as possible. What do you think, Groz?”

The Wookiee grunted in agreement.

“We might be able to gain passage with a merchant ship to a more outlying system. I never liked the Imperial influence here anyway.” Deshet said, also concurring with Sarna’s plan.

“I’m just glad we finished our business with Borvo. Skipping out on the Hutts would be a death sentence across the Outer Rim.” Caco’ti made a point of adding.

“Let’s head out,” Sarna said. “We’re only a couple klicks out. We should get to Keren before nightfall.”