Phantoms of Resistance: Part I

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The entrance hall of the Kicking Kaadu smelled strongly of tabac vapor and fire-water. That was one of the first things to strike Talin as he entered the cantina. Located in Keren, the main trading port on Naboo, the Kicking Kaadu was frequented by all manner of species from distant corners of the galaxy. Trading, both legal and otherwise, was a way of life in Keren, regardless of the goods changing hands or services provided. Talin’s reason for being there was no different.

Although Naboo, being the homeworld of Emperor Palpatine, had been firmly under Imperial control since the death of Queen Apailana six years earlier, there were many on the planet who opposed the New Order. Talin was one of them.

After a left turn just beyond the entrance, Talin came to an opening into the main bar area. The interior was a medium shade of tan, complemented by a warm but dim orange light. As he made his way further into the cantina he took note of the myriad patrons with whom he shared the space; a group of boisterous Corellian spacers occupied one the open side-rooms to the right of the entrance, a drunk Rodian at the bar attempted to woo a female Human who would have none of it, and a rather paranoid-looking Sullustan meeting with a Quarren at a small table.

Talin himself was a Human male, slightly below average height with a medium build. He had a fair complexion and sported medium-length dark brown hair. Overall, he would be considered fairly average-looking for a Human. He appeared to be prepared to travel; he wore brown boots, grey pocketed pants, and a subdued orange jacket, and he carried a medium-sized satchel.

Approaching the bar, Talin noticed a small crew of three Duros huddled in a corner booth, one wearing a flightsuit and the other two wearing white-and-maroon jumpsuits. Talin diverted his path towards them. “Captain Winrel, I take it?” Talin inquired, standing opposite the Duros.

“Who wants to know?” one of the jumpsuit-wearing Duros responded.

“I’m Talin Waith. I was told you could help me get off planet,” he replied.

“Ah, yes,” said the Duros. “An associate mentioned you’d have need of our services.” He paused to take a drink. “I am Valik. This is my borther, Bringe. He is my vessel’s pilot,” he said indicating the Duros in the flightsuit. “And this is our navigator, Plono Gol,” he added, motioning toward the third Duros. “What might be the specifics of you need, mister Waith?”

“I’ve heard that you can get me in contact with the Rebellion,” Talin said in a hushed tone.

Valik flashed a sly smile. “That can be arranged.”