Meet Team Aces in Star Wars Resistance has revealed a new featurette showcasing a team of five characters called The Aces. They are set to appear in the new animated series, Star Wars Resistance. The Aces are an elite group of pilots hired to serve and protect the Colossus platform. In their free-time, the pilots like to engaged in friendly races.

Check out the video  which introduces the new characters and includes cast interviews:

Here is a list of characters set to appear in Star Wars Resistance:

  • Kazuda Xiono (Christopher Sean): a young pilot recruited by Poe Dameron for an important mission for the Resistance.
  • Hype Fazon (Donald Faison): a Rodian with a big heart who tends to be overconfident.
  • Griff Halloran (Stephen Stanton): a former TIE fighter pilot who is gruff and likes to keep to himself.
  • Freya Fenris (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn): a fierce and n0-nonsense pilot.
  • Bo Keevil: a mysterious, soft-spoken, superb, and confident flyer.

Star Wars Resistance premieres Sunday, October 7 at 10pm ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Check out Yoda Bauer’s breakdown of the featurette on our YouTube Channel:

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