Rian Johnson Still Working on His Star Wars Trilogy

Rian Johnson has been centered in a storm of controversy since the release of The Last Jedi from fans who were displeased with the film. And since the announcement of his trilogy, there hasn’t been any official updates as the films are still early in development. This has lead many to believe that his trilogy is canceled or put on hold. Yesterday however, Rian Johnson confirmed on Twitter that he is still working on his trilogy.


This makes sense based on the fact that the angry group of fans only makes up a small portion of the total Star Wars fandom, so the idea that Johnson is on his way out does not hold a lot of weight. On a project of this scale, development takes a substantial amount of time. So the absence of casting or production news should not be surprising. It’s also important to note that the absence of news does not equate to nothing happening behind the scenes. The trilogy is likely years away from release and by that time, the anger directed towards Rian Johnson will likely have subsided.

I am a huge fan of him and his films, beginning with my experience at Celebration 2017 in Orlando (I’ll link a twitter thread of mine stating why). He is an extremely talented director who has proven he can work well in different genres. Whether you loved or hated The Last Jedi, it’s fair to say Johnson brings a unique take to The Galaxy Far, Far Away and the idea of him telling a story with complete creative freedom gets me really excited.

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