The Moral of The Last Jedi: Did It Miss the Mark?

December 18, 2017 YB 0

There has been a disturbance in the fanbase. Fans of the Star Wars Saga are divided. Was The Last Jedi the greatest Star Wars film? Or is it an insult to the very Saga? YodaBauer gives her thoughts here on the moral of the story in The Last Jedi. And

Star Wars The Last Jedi Review *Spoilers*

December 15, 2017 YB 0

Here’s YB’s general review of The Last Jedi. Spoilers included!! Check out the video above!  More detailed videos to follow!   Overall my thoughts on this film are conflicted. There’s so much I loved. Some I didn’t. Some I haven’t decided on. But what I love most is that conflict.

Last Jedi, First Thoughts, No Spoilers

December 15, 2017 YB 0

Just got home from The Last Jedi! Here are my thoughts on is 3D worth it? IMAX? General thoughts? Check out the video above! Spoilers are sacred. I don’t throw them out there. Check out Port-Haven.Com and come discuss the film with us! Proud member of the YouTube Wolfpack!

Take Your Porg to Work Day

December 13, 2017 YB 0

According to the Internet, it’s take your Porg to Work Day! Check YB’s day here. Check us out at Port-Haven.Com Proud Member of the YouTube Wolfpack! #ytwp

Review: Adventures in Wild Space The Nest

December 13, 2017 YB 0

Next in the Adventures in Wild Space series is The Nest by Tom Huddleston. It’s a Star Wars creature feature! I’ve loved this series so far. This installment was everything I wanted an adventure out in Wild Space to be. Weird landscapes, dangerous people, unknown species. The Graf children continue

Will Luke Turn to the Dark Side? (No Leaks, Spoiler Safe)

December 12, 2017 YB 0

With just a few days until Star Wars: The Last Jedi one of the most pressing questions weighs heavier and heavier. Will Luke be on the path of the Dark Side? YodaBauer discusses the hints we’ve had so far! All this is based on officially released materials such and posters