Solo the Solo Film: But What Does it all Mean?

October 22, 2017 YB 0

As you have probably heard, the Han Solo film has a title. Solo: A Star Wars Story. There’s been a lot of guff over the obvious title but I think it’s the obvious title for a reason. What else would you name the movie? Sure it could have been “Han

The YouTube Wolf Podcast

October 14, 2017 YB 0

  The YouTube Wolf Podcast   Hey everyone! It’s YodaBauer (Obvs). Recently we’ve amped up our site activity. More articles, more videos, more tweets. We want to build up our community and bring in fresh faces in this new Golden Age of Star Wars. As a part of that effort

40 Days of Star Wars!

October 6, 2017 YB 1

The 40 Days of Star Wars! 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars saga. To celebrate, the short story collection From a Certain Point of View explores Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope from the perspective of 40 different background characters. We at Port Haven will be taking

Star Wars: Phasma Review

September 27, 2017 YB 1

  Phasma: The Novel   Star Wars: Phasma is a new book written Delilah Dawson. Unsurprisingly, it’s all about Captain Phasma, but surprisingly not a single page is truly from Phasma’s perspective. Told from the points of view of those around her, this book covers the myth and legend of

Inferno Squad Spoiler Free Review

September 19, 2017 YB 0

  Battlefront II, Inferno Squad, and YOU   Are you excited for the single player campaign in the new Battlefront II (not to be confused with the old Battlefront II)? Are you not that into shooter games (or games in general) but want all the stories about the Empire you

JJ Abrams to Direct Episode IX

September 12, 2017 YB 0

  JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars: Episode IX JJ Abrams has to go baaaaaaaaack! /end Jack voice. JJ will be directing Episode IX of Star Wars. Watch the link above for more information and his return and Colin Trevorrow’s departure. Let us know what you think here or on

Rebel Rising/Guardians of the Whills Review

July 10, 2017 YB 0

  Professor Jango and YodaBauer Review!   Rebel Rising and Guardians of the Whills are two novels that tell the stories of Rogue One characters before they hit the big screen! Rebel Rising details Jyn Erso’s time with Saw Gerrera and Guardians of the Whills is about Chirrut Imwe and

Lord and Miller have to Lego Their Solo

June 21, 2017 YB 0

  Lord and Miller have to Lego their Solo Directors of the Lego movies and the 21 Jump Street Reboot are fired from the Han Solo solo film mid-production. What does this mean? Should we panic? What does this mean for the film going forward? Check out the link above!