May I Have the Envelope Please?

*Cue into music*

Greetings Port Havenites, and welcome to the First Annual Best of Port Haven Awards Ceremony. I’m your host, His Administerial Holiness Professor Jango (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him). I’d like to take this opportunity before we begin the awards to thank you, the academy, for your participation in this event. The success of these awards was dependant wholly on your nominations, discussions, and, ultimately, your votes. As with everything at Port Haven, we try to focus on the community of users and fans of which every one of you is a member. This is not a celebration of a site or of individuals, but rather of our kinship and collective identity. Yet, unfortunately, we can’t collectively win. :p So, without further ado, let me proceed to the awards!

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Professor Jango is an Administrator on the Port Haven Forums as well as a regular contributor to Port Haven Magazine. In addition to portraying a professor on internet fansites, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science and is an actual professor.