We Review: Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space – The Heist

January 24, 2018 YB 0

Next in the Adventures in Wild Space series is The Heist (or The Steal in the UK) by Cavan Scott. This time we’ve traveled to Lothal! Come discuss the book series with us here: http://forums.port-haven.com/topic/30161053/1/ Proud member of the YouTube Wolfpack! #YTWP

“Time of Death” 40 Days of Star Wars – Day 30

November 1, 2017 YB 0

It’s Day 30 of 40 Days of Star Wars as we look at “Time of Death” by Cavan Scott! Come discuss this book with us here: http://forums.port-haven.com/topic/30085073/1/ And check out these friends of Port Haven: #ytwp