Battle Tales – An Interview with Michael Moreci

May 17, 2020 YB 0

Hello Port Havenites! I hope you are all recovering well from the end of The Clone Wars! Thanks to the opportunities of a platform like Disney Plus we miraculously have the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and with it new tie-ins to this very exciting era. One

Celebrating with Cavan Scott

April 21, 2019 YB 0

Hey there, Port Havenites! I had the absolute pleasure to meet and chat with Cavan Scott at Star Wars Celebration. The following is an interview we recorded there and I’ve since transcribed into this article. This chat is easily a top highlight from the weekend. Cavan Scott is every bit

Forging the Old Republic- An Interview with Alex Kane

April 7, 2019 YB 0

If you talk to anyone who’s played Star Wars video games then it’s most likely that they’re going to tell you that Knights of the Old Republic is their favorite. In many ways it’s The Empire Strikes Back of the Legends Canon universe. Alex Kane has written a wonderful behind-the-scenes