Star Wars Message Boards: A History

In 1999, the world of the ‘Star Wars geek’ was once again alive with the release of The Phantom Menace.

I was 26 at the time and felt like a little boy again as it brought back memories of my amazing youth, playing endlessly with all of my Star Wars stuff!

But this time around, there was more on offer. A website! Yes, the official Star Wars website was full of facts and features from people in an around the Star Wars world who would give interviews and you could see images from the new film and all the back-story of why George Lucas decided to bring us back to the ‘Galaxy far, far away’ and all of the splendours of new films being made, new characters etc, etc.

Then, in October of 2001, the world of the Star Wars geek was to forever change! The forums were born!

I remember the first time I logged on; I needed to create a username. Straight away I was going to use my favourite Jedi’s name: Qui Gon Jinn

But some bugger had already taken it!

The site had only been open a day!

So, I tried a few variations and eventually I came up with ‘Jedi Qui Gonn’.

Yes, yes, I know there is only one ‘N’ in ‘Gon’ but someone else had got that variation with one ‘N’ and that was the closest I could get.

I eventually changed it to JQG. ;)

So, with my shiny new screen-name, off I went into the world of the Star Wars message Boards.


(Continued. . .)

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