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Star Wars Message Boards: A History – Episode III

November 26, 2012 JQG 0

  Growing up a bit… Funny how the years creep up on you. Many of you are now older than I was when I first started posting on TOS boards, and are even more immature or sad  Just kidding, but let’s go back to 2001, a time where the internet

The Disney Side Clouds Everything

November 12, 2012 JQG 0

Mixed emotions are what I had when I heard the breaking news about LFL selling up to Disney. I was on Facebook at the time and I saw Jay Petey post a link that it had happened. I quickly thought of the date…. Was it an epic April Fool’s joke?

Star Wars Message Boards: A History – Episode II

October 29, 2012 JQG 0

Although the world of the Star Wars geek is very much lived out through the medium of a computer terminal, there have been some characters that have ‘made a mark’, so to speak on the community. At this point I would like to reflect on some of those characters. If ever there

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Star Wars Message Boards: A History

October 1, 2012 JQG 0

In 1999, the world of the ‘Star Wars geek’ was once again alive with the release of The Phantom Menace. I was 26 at the time and felt like a little boy again as it brought back memories of my amazing youth, playing endlessly with all of my Star Wars stuff! But this time