End of the Line: Part II

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The sapphire blades of the Jedi met the crimson shaft of the assassin’s saber high off the ground. The force of the collision sent both combatants flying backwards, both hitting the wet, slightly sticky ground.

Each took a split second to gather himself. The Jedi decided that he would go on the offensive this time, charging his foe, but still leaving one saber free to parry a possible counter-strike.

The assassin steadied himself against the attack, placing both hands on the hilt of his weapon and angling it across his front.

The Jedi swung to strike his opponent only to meet the hot blade of ionized gases with which his enemy parried. The dark side adept stuck back, but was no more successful.

They continued to exchange blows, none striking home. The Jedi could tell, though, that the assassin was not used to defending a sustained attack, as his gray-clad foe was beginning to tire. He now knew he had the advantage.

Being trained in using dual blades and now being able to identify his opponent’s weaknesses, the Jedi began to press the attack, landing a series of relentless strike on his opponents parry in an attempt to wear down his defense.

The assassin was overwhelmed. With each exacting blow his grip on the weapon loosened. Finally, a strike from the Jedi completely knocked the lightsaber from his grip, sending it several meters behind the him.

The Dark Side adept was now unarmed, and the wide open plains offered nowhere to hide. The Jedi lowered his weapons, deactivating the blades and returning them to his belt. The assassin began crawling toward the lightsaber, but was brought to a halt by being lifted into the air.

“So, Palpatine finds me and decides to send his lackies to kill me, just as he did with my master and countless other Jedi Knights?” the asked, holding his opponent in the air with the Force as if it were an extension of his left arm.

“You will die soon enough, scum.” The assassin responded.

“Tell me, lacky, how many Jedi have you killed? More specifically, how many padawans have you killed?” the Jedi inquired in an almost mocking tone.

“More than you’ll ever save.” The man responded.

“I doubt that you’ll join them.” The Jedi shot back before lifting his right arm to retrieve his foe’s fallen lightsaber. Its brilliant red blade ignited as it hurdled toward the telekinetically suspended Dark Side adept, bisecting him into left and right halves.

The Jedi donned his rain-soaked cloak once again, collected the saber from his other fallen opponent, and started for the small spaceport town. He felt no remorse for the deaths of the two agents of the Dark Side that he had just effected.

He arrived at the town, and entered the main lobby of the spaceport. What it contained, he did not expect…

To be continued…