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End of the Line: Part II

November 30, 2012 Lieutenant Aquarion Nieja 0

The sapphire blades of the Jedi met the crimson shaft of the assassin’s saber high off the ground. The force of the collision sent both combatants flying backwards, both hitting the wet, slightly sticky ground. Each took a split second to gather himself. The Jedi decided that he would go

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The Hyperion Estate: Chapter One

November 27, 2012 Matt Maine 0

Nyriki Rocco sat in a rusted empty car at the back of a train on the Lost Coast, one eye on the diminishing landscape and one on his watch. 6:51. Almost dusk, he thought. He checked his pistol and saw the charge: 46%. Soon night would fall and he wouldn’t be

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Star Wars Message Boards: A History – Episode III

November 26, 2012 JQG 0

  Growing up a bit… Funny how the years creep up on you. Many of you are now older than I was when I first started posting on TOS boards, and are even more immature or sad  Just kidding, but let’s go back to 2001, a time where the internet

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The Splinter

November 21, 2012 Professor Jango 0

The incongruous images flashed across my melon like so many Splinters of the Minds Eye… Flannel and Fairies, Boba and Bambi, Droids and Dwarves, Broomsticks and Banthas, and the Death Star looming over a picturesque Disney castle. Confusing. Confusing wrapped in a disjointed, jacked-up What the Force Just Happened burrito del

The Real Expanded Universe

November 16, 2012 Grand Admiral Sean 0

This is going to be a short article for a number of reasons. The first is that its premise requires little elaboration. The second is that it was originally a reaction to the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney, but a mere two weeks from that momentous development, I am thoroughly

End of the Line: Part I

November 16, 2012 Lieutenant Aquarion Nieja 0

They rattled as he ran: a collection of lightsabers that he had salvaged from the bodies of his fallen comrades in the all-but-extinct Jedi Order. The noise they made was mostly drowned out by the heavy rainfall on the rural plains of Dantooine. The tall, salmon-skinned Mon Calamari hastily made

A Great Overreaction in the Force

November 14, 2012 Professor Jango 0

By now, I’m sure that most of you know of the merger between LFL and Disney. By now, I’m sure that many of you are getting equally tired of hearing the sheer panic from many Star Wars fans over this announcement. I’m also certain that some among you take umbrage at

The Disney Side Clouds Everything

November 12, 2012 JQG 0

Mixed emotions are what I had when I heard the breaking news about LFL selling up to Disney. I was on Facebook at the time and I saw Jay Petey post a link that it had happened. I quickly thought of the date…. Was it an epic April Fool’s joke?

ID, Please

November 7, 2012 The Dark Moose 0

Identity. It’s important in fandom. For centons I’ve been jealous of yonder Trekkies. Look at ‘em, with their unique moniker and their convenient “Live Long and Prosper” hands held up in victory salute over us Star Wars fans. I mean seriously, in the 35 years we’ve had this wonderful franchise