We Interview Cavan Scott! – Adventures in Star Wars (and Other Writings)

I had the honor of interviewing Cavan Scott! He is an author of books and comics of just about everything. He’s written tie-in materials for Doctor Who, Pacific Rim, and even Angry Birds. But of course we know him and love him for his Star Wars work. Which includes the Adventures in Wild Space series, installments in the Star Wars Adventures comic series, and of course he wrote about Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars From a Certain Point of View!

I talked with him about getting started in writing with Doctor Who, what it’s like to write materials for the young and the old, writing for comics as well as novels. He shares stories on the writing process with LucasFilm and how some of his stories came about.

Be sure to check out his website for a full list of all the franchises he’s writing for! http://www.cavanscott.com

And follow him on Twitter @CavanScott

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