Solo the Solo Film: But What Does it all Mean?

As you have probably heard, the Han Solo film has a title. Solo: A Star Wars Story. There’s been a lot of guff over the obvious title but I think it’s the obvious title for a reason. What else would you name the movie? Sure it could have been “Han Solo and the 12 Parsecs” but now you have a movie that HAS to be all about the Kessel Run. We know Kessel will be a part of this film but need it be the only part of the film? “Solo” is a simple and highly marketable title that gives them the freedom to make the story whatever they want.



Alternatively, it’s possible there’s a more snarky meaning behind the title. After all, Ron Howard took over for the directing duo Lord and Miller. They “left” the project over creative differences with LucasFilm. So Howard finished the film… shall we say… Solo? The other Disney-owned power-house, Marvel Studios, named their Spider-Man movie “Homecoming”. And the double meaning of Spidy returning to his neighborhood was lost on no super-fan.





Mostly, I choose to believe the title is a sign of things to come.



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