Star Wars Lands Three of March’s Top Ten Comics

Diamond Comics released their sales figures for March 2015 today. The Star Wars license continues to do well for Marvel, as Princess Leia #1 was the top-selling comic for the month.  Overall, Marvel published nine of the ten best-selling comics in March, with their other Star Wars books, Spider-Gwen, Howard the Duck, Guardians Team-Up and Amazing Spider-Man also doing well. DC’s best-seller was Batman: Arkham Knight #1, the first print collection of their digital-first video game prequel. The eagerly anticipated Batman #40 was pushed back to April, which is why that series didn’t claim its usual spot in the top ten.


The top ten best-selling comics for March included:

1) Star Wars: Princess Leia #1 (Marvel)

2) Star Wars #3 (Marvel)

3) Guardians Team-Up #1 (Marvel)

4) Spider-Gwen #2 (Marvel)

5) Princess Leia #2 (Marvel)

6) Amazing Spider-Man #16 (Marvel)

7) Howard the Duck #1 (Marvel)

8) Darth Vader #3 (Marvel)

9) Batman: Arkham Knight #1 (DC)

10) Amazing Spider-Man #16.1 (Marvel)

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