Star Wars: Rogue One Details Released

April 19, 2015 Professor Jango 0

  “Star Wars: Rogue One” doesn’t start production until the summer, but fans now have a clearer picture of what the movie — the first of multiple planned “Anthology” films that are set in the Star Wars universe but not part of the trilogies — is actually about. Revealed Sunday

Marvel Expands SW Comics to Include Lando

April 17, 2015 Professor Jango 0

  Marvel has revealed that everyone’s favorite scoundrel/Cloud City administrator Lando Calrissian will be starring in his own comic book later this year. Writer Charles Soule (death of Wolverine) and artist Alex Maleev (Daredevil) are teaming up for a five-issue mini-series simply titled Lando. But really, what more needs to

New TFA Promo Art Releases

April 16, 2015 Professor Jango 0

Even in you’re not in Anaheim, California, for Star Wars Celebration, odds are that news about “The Force Awakens” is going to be inescapable over the next couple of days. And today is certainly no exception already as new promo art for the J.J. Abrams film has surfaced online. The three

Celebration Program Shows Full Stormtrooper Armor

April 16, 2015 Professor Jango 0

  Star Wars Celebration hasn’t even officially kicked off in Anaheim, California, but already a new tidbit about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has trickled out of the fan gathering. An image circulating widely on line from the convention program reveal a full body shot of the new stormtrooper armor

Celebration Anaheim Events to be Livestreamed

April 14, 2015 Professor Jango 0

For the first time ever, highlights and more than 30 hours of exclusive video content from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim will be officially live streamed to a worldwide community of fans on, all powered by Verizon. Launching with a live stream of the highly-anticipated kickoff panel featuring Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams

Star Wars Lands Three of March’s Top Ten Comics

April 11, 2015 Professor Jango 0

Diamond Comics released their sales figures for March 2015 today. The Star Wars license continues to do well for Marvel, as Princess Leia #1 was the top-selling comic for the month.  Overall, Marvel published nine of the ten best-selling comics in March, with their other Star Wars books, Spider-Gwen, Howard

Star Wars Saga Available Digitally

April 7, 2015 Professor Jango 0

  The entire “Star Wars” saga, from “The Phantom Menace” to “Return of the Jedi,” will arrive Friday on digital HD for the first time ever. That means fans will be able to purchase all six films in George Lucas’ space epic, either as a collection or individually, from such

Topps Star Wars Card Trader App

April 7, 2015 YB 0

A few weeks ago the trading card company Topps launched an app that allows fans to trade digital cards of their favorite characters. Fans receive free currency, known as “credits”, every day with a special bonus on the seventh day. Fans can then choose to buy more credits as an