Is There Too Much Star Wars??? (And Other Fandom Rants)

February 11, 2018 YB 0

Title says it all. YodaBauer talks about how much Star Wars is too much Star Wars. And then goes on to talk about the divide that seems to exist in fandom in the wake of The Last Jedi and the coming of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Star Wars Ramblings

The Dark Moose Bossk Haiku Collection

February 10, 2018 The Dark Moose 0

Recently a reader (and it should be noted only one reader) asked if I could dig up my old haiku collection dedicated to the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk, first seen in Empire Strikes Back. In case you’ve forgotten, Fandom, a haiku is a traditional Japanese form of poetry in a three-line

Finn’s Journey and the Purpose of Canto Bight

February 9, 2018 YB 0

So was Canto Bight a total waste? Or was there more to it? What was Finn’s story in The Last Jedi? Let’s hash it out! Follow us on Twitter @PortHavenForums and visit Port-Haven.Com for more! Proud Member of the #YTWP

Port Haven StreamCast #2 Game of Solo!

February 8, 2018 YB 0

Hey all! Professor Jango and YodaBauer are here for episode 2 of the Port Haven StreamCast to discuss the new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer and the new Star Wars movies announced by the Game of Thrones showrunners! Drop by Port-Haven.Com for more! And subscribe here and follow us

Solo: A Star Wars Story FULL Trailer and TV Spot Breakdown

February 7, 2018 YB 0

YodaBauer goes frame by frame through the Solo: A Star Wars Story Teaser and Super Bowl TV Spot. See our reaction to the teaser here: See YodaBauer’s reaction to the TV Spot here: News of a new Star Wars trilogy here: Follow on Twitter @PortHavenForums Visit Port-Haven.Com

NEW Star Wars Trilogy Announced! By Game of Thrones Producers!

February 6, 2018 YB 0

Breaking news! We have yet another anthology trilogy on the way! This video Features Sgt Curry Pants, check her channel out here! Get updates by following @PortHavenForums on Twitter and check out Port-Haven.Com for more Star Wars content! Proud member of the #YTWP

Solo Super Bowl TV Spot Reaction

February 4, 2018 YB 0

YodaBauer watches the Solo TV Spot from the Sport Bowl Thing with her parents…. Follow us @PortHavenForums on Twitter and visit Port-Haven.Com! Proud member of the #YTWP