Port Haven StreamCast – Don’t Feed the Force Plants! – Episode 27

October 31, 2018 YB 0

Today we’re doing a discussion and review of Star Wars: Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber, the prequel to his novel Star Wars: Death Troopers! This time zombie stormtroopers are replaced with zombie Sith. What could possibly go wrong??? Check our Death Troopers video from last Halloween here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=MvC_zHJy4GY Check out

Review – Star Wars: Death Troopers

October 30, 2017 Professor Jango 0

Imperial prison barges!  Derelict star destroyers! Deadly viruses!  Zombie storm troopers!  And, of course, Han and Chewie? Join Yodabauer and Professor Jango as they review Joe Schreiber’s legends canon 2009 Star Wars horror novel,  Star Wars: Death Troopers!   Come discuss the novel with us here!