Did That Solo Cameo Confuse You? Thoughts Here! (**Spoilers**)

May 26, 2018 YB 0

So… you saw Solo: A Star Wars Story… and there was THAT cameo. YB explains it and gives you her plea for everyone to watch The Clone Wars. Follow us on Twitter @PortHavenForums and for more discussion check out Forums.Port-Haven.Com! Proud member of the #YTWP

Did Star Wars Rebels Explain Force Skype?? (Rebels Spoilers)

February 28, 2018 YB 0

  So in Star Wars Rebels “A World Between Worlds” explain how the Force Skyping in Star Wars The Last Jedi? Check out our Kylo and Rey series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1GzMt-8EKTSkgtlOPGsNm_S96ZGJhTbN And our Rebels videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1GzMt-8EKTQNko_JDxenFEojCVDYBWbK Follow up on Twitter @PortHavenForums and visit Port-Haven.Com Proud Member of the #YTWP

So Many Questions From Star Wars Rebels: A World Between Worlds

February 28, 2018 YB 0

  There’s so much to talk about from Star Wars Rebels “Wolves and a Door” and “A World Between Worlds”. Let’s go over some of the big items! Here’s our playlist of the Rebels Season 4 audio commentaries: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1GzMt-8EKTTaasLUqWY2Dp084zs2W11n Follow us on Twitter @PortHavenForums and visit Port-Haven.Com We are a

An Open Letter to Caleb Dume

January 22, 2018 Professor Jango 0

An Open Letter from Professor Jango to Caleb Dume ahead of the return of the second have of Rebels Season 4. Music – “Tomorrow” from www.bensound.com     Dear Caleb Dume,   This letter has been a long time coming, but I’m afraid that I may not have much more

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Final Trailer Reaction!

January 20, 2018 YB 0

YodaBauer watches the final Rebels trailer for the first time and has some initial thoughts. Check out Forums.Port-Haven.Com and discuss this series with us! Follow us @PortHavenForums Proud Member of the YouTube WolfPack. #YTWP

We Watch Rebels Season 4: Rebel Assault (Audio Commentary)

November 13, 2017 YB 0

YB and Professor Jango watch the 9th episode of Star Wars Rebels Season 4. Sync up our audio commentary with your episode! Discuss Rebels with us here: http://forums.port-haven.com/topic/9884341/1/ Port Haven is a proud member of the YouTube WolfPack. #ytwp