The Clone Wars Season 7 OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED (and there was much rejoicing)

July 19, 2018 YB 0

Sooooooooo…. it happened guys and gals! Star Wars: The Clone Wars get’s its proper conclusion with Season 7! What are your thoughts and theories? Star Wars Official Site article: Official Trailer: What we know about The Siege of Mandalore: Follow us on Twitter @PortHavenForums and visit Port-Haven.Com

Did That Solo Cameo Confuse You? Thoughts Here! (**Spoilers**)

May 26, 2018 YB 0

So… you saw Solo: A Star Wars Story… and there was THAT cameo. YB explains it and gives you her plea for everyone to watch The Clone Wars. Follow us on Twitter @PortHavenForums and for more discussion check out Forums.Port-Haven.Com! Proud member of the #YTWP emailTwitterFacebook0Google+0Pinterest0

Farewell to the Clones – A look back on The Clone Wars and Rebels

March 12, 2018 YB 0

  YodaBauer talks about some of her favorite clones over the years. Leave a comment telling us about your favorite! Follow us on Twitter @PortHavenForums and visit http://www.Forum.Port-Haven.Com for more discussion! Proud member of the #YTWP emailTwitterFacebook0Google+0Pinterest0

Balancing the Force: The Mortis Trilogy Part 1

February 14, 2018 YB 0

  What does it mean to bring balance to the Force? It’s going to take us a few videos to get through it all. This series will tie-into the ongoing Kylo Ren/Rey series found here: We dive into the Mortis Trilogy. This video is just an introduction, breezing over

Season Three

August 27, 2014 YB 0

  Welcome to Season 3 of The Clone Wars! This is a season of high highs, low lows, and every level in between. The latter half of this batch of episodes is particularly action-packed. Once again the animation takes a giant leap forward with some absolutely stunning landscapes. The main characters