The Disney Side Clouds Everything

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Mixed emotions are what I had when I heard the breaking news about LFL selling up to Disney. I was on Facebook at the time and I saw Jay Petey post a link that it had happened.

I quickly thought of the date…. Was it an epic April Fool’s joke?

Nope, it was October. Damn!

I felt dread for a moment. The amazing world of Star Wars that had been with me for 35 years of my 39 year life had changed!

Ok, I’m human. By nature I’m habitual and I don’t like change, so apprehension kicked in, anticipation, fear, worry. Then I started to read the article. What drew my attention very quickly was the following:

“Episode 7 is set for release in 2015”.

Now as a SW fan, this quote particularly resonated in me; Episode 7 means that the story is going to be continued. Episode 7 means that all the characters from episode 6 must at least continue some story line!

Then I thought about Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew. They are all still alive! Ok, they are old duffers now, but make-up is great in movies these days! I have met Kenny Baker and bless him, he is bloody old and probably couldn’t play R2 anymore, but CG is amazing these days, isn’t it?

So as you can see, my mind started to wander!

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