The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown, Twice Baked…

October 15, 2017 The Dark Moose 2

First, watch Yoda’s Stew you must. YB does an excellent job of dicing up the content of the trailer, and she shares some compelling theories that’ll twist yer melon. Next, keep reading, because we’re gonna slice and dice some more. We’ve had a few days since the epic and presumably


October 14, 2017 The Dark Moose 4

It’s coming. No, not Pumpkin Spice Everything. Not Truck Month (which, as far as I can tell, is always there anyway). No, Jon Snow, Not Winter (you know nothing). No, I’m talking about Porgmania, which as much as that might sound like a post-Soviet state, it’s much closer and undoubtedly


December 30, 2016 The Dark Moose 0

We here in Star Wars fandom have treasured the stories of Luke, Han and Leia. Our siblings in Star Trek fandom likewise loved Kirk, Bones, and Spock. In both camps, we find ourselves now at the end of this year having witnessed the tragic shattering of our unbreakable bands of


July 1, 2014 The Dark Moose 0

Companionship in the world of fiction, especially science fiction, is a ubiquitous element of good story-telling. Just think about all of the wonderful stories born from companionship: Sherlock’s Watson, Gimli and Legolas, Kirk’s Spock and McCoy, Dr. Who’s many companions, Harry Potter’s Ron and Hermione… True companionship is not the

The Star Wars in Abrams’ Star Trek

February 4, 2013 The Dark Moose 0

  (WARNING – RECYCLED POODOO – This is an entry from almost 4 years ago, when J.J. Abrams first rebooted Star Trek. This was my initial reaction, and one of my last TOS blog entries…) Moose Poodoo by: The Dark Moose date posted: May 17, 2009 8:50 PM  I would have never

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It’s a Trap!

January 16, 2013 The Dark Moose 0

  The website has gone through many iterations, as you know. In my last review I focused on their role as the “font of official Star Wars knowledge”. And really, that’s the original form the site took, and this is how I found it in the late 90’s. But it’s grown far

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Return of Kyle Katarn?

December 10, 2012 The Dark Moose 0

As a gaming fan for over 3 decades now, I have many fond memories of Pong, my ZX81, my ZX 48k Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari 2600, Amiga 500, NES, Megadrive 8 and 16bit, 3DO, PC, PS1, 2 and 3, XBOX, blah blah blah… You get the picture!!  Some of the

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Before Spaceballs, there was Quark

December 5, 2012 The Dark Moose 0

  (WARNING – RECYCLED POODOO – This was my 24th entry from just after the release of Episode III, when the Hyperspace Blogs at were still brand new…) Moose Poodoo by: The Dark Moose date posted: Jun 24, 2005 11:44 AM Proof that shtoopid 8-year-old kids are pretty easily