Season Two

Episode 12-14: “The Mandalore Plot” “Voyage of Temptation” “The Duchess of Mandalore”
Synopsis: The three episodes are fairly standalone, but center on the idea of Mandalore struggling to remain neutral in the war. The first deals with small acts of terror on Mandalore. Obi-Wan goes to mediate with the Duchess Satine (an old flame). In the second episode, Obi-Wan and Anakin escort The Duchess back to Coruscant, but trip aboard a luxury ship isn’t so fun once the Separatists crash the party. In the third episode, The Duchess has to fight a political coup and criminal allegations.

Rating: ESB. These episodes have a lot of action and a lot of intrigue. They’re also an interesting look into Obi-Wan’s past. There’s lots of fun things in these episodes! Mandalorians, a darksaber, and Jon Favreau.

Canon Shift Ahead: It would take an article in of itself to explain just how much of a canon shaker these episodes are for Mandalorian culture. If you’re the type that cares, than you probably already know what the shifts are. Also, these episodes, in a way, replace the character of Siri Tachi with Duchess Satine. Unless Obi-Wan is a player.

Episode 15: Senate Murders
Synopsis: In the midst of war and fighting, there’s nothing more enthralling than watching a bunch of senators worry about a vote for diplomacy or something. A senator is killed and Padme tries to flush out the conspiracy because there’s nothing better for her to do.

Ratings: ESB. It’s more mysterious in tone, but I am not going to lie. I really don’t like this episode. Padme has perfectly respectable ideals, but she’s kind of dumb in how she goes about them. I suppose the mystery is kind of interesting.

Flow Walker: This episode actually takes place about a year later than all the episodes you’ve seen before and a lot of the episodes you’ll see in the near future.

Episode 16: Cat and Mouse
Synopsis: The spideriffic Separatist General Trench has the world of Christophsis under blockade. Anakin and Admiral Yularen team up to use a stealth ship to sneak on world.

Rating: ANH. If you’re terrified of spiders you might want to skip this one. Trench is literally a talking tarantula. That said this is a fun episode that feels like a submarine war film IN SPACE.

Flow Walker Episode: This is actually a prequel to the prequel episode “The Hidden Enemy” from season one, making it the earliest episode chronologically. Also it makes it a prequel to a prequel to a prequel of one of the Prequel films. PREQUCEPTION.

Episode 17: “Bounty Hunters” 
Synopsis: Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka are stranded on Felucia. They stumble upon a farming community under the protection of a group of Bounty Hunters. It seems Hondo and his gang are trying to steal away a highly valuable cash crop. The Jedi must find a way to protect the farmers and a way off world.

Rating: ANH. This episode is basically homage to The Seven Samurai. And also The Magnificent Seven, The Three Amigos, A Bug’s Life, etc. It’s a fun episode with some great new characters. Especially, Embo, the mercenary with a hat that would make Oddjob jealous.

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