Topps Star Wars Card Trader App

topps SW card trader

A few weeks ago the trading card company Topps launched an app that allows fans to trade digital cards of their favorite characters. Fans receive free currency, known as “credits”, every day with a special bonus on the seventh day. Fans can then choose to buy more credits as an in-app purchase, which also unlocks “master” card packs and allows early access to many cards for 24-hours after the purchase. More free currency can be earned via completing tasks from Tapjoy.

The app consists of “base packs” ranging in increasing value of white, blue, red, yellow, and gold “parallels”. (Cards of the same design in different colors/rarities.) There are also special green cards (not the immigration kind) that appear on occasion, orange and purple cards that are awards for completing a certain card “set” that changes daily, special The Force Awakens cards, and inserts. The inserts are usually the most valuable in terms of circulation number (though not always) and are always the most valued by fans.

The base sets, specifically involving yellows and golds, have a daily “scene” to collect. There are three new yellows released each day (involving characters who share a scene in one of the six Star Wars films) and a new gold card, which is a parallel of one of the three new yellows. (Note: Golds can only be found in a Master Pack.) Anyone who collects all 4 cards gets a purple parallel of the gold card. This makes a yellow and/or gold cards of the day HIGHLY valuable though they depreciate very quickly after the award goes out.

Most inserts follow a similar structure, called “marathon sets”. Here, 10 cards in a set are released one at a time each week. Whoever has all 10 gets a special award card. There will be 3 rounds of sets, so who ever has all 30 cards (after 30 weeks) will get an even more specialer award card. These cards are released in all base and master packs.

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