Season One


Episode 11-12: “Dooku Captured” “The Gungan General”
Synopsis: Anakin, Obi-Wan and Count Dooku end up stranded on a remote planet. Dooku thinks he’s dodged the Jedi but instead of getting away Dooku falls in with a band of pirates, lead by the wonderful scoundrel Hondo Ohnaka. The Jedi must get to Dooku before the Separatists can get him back. Of course, things aren’t that easy and for some reason they decide to send Jar Jar in to help.

Rating: “Dooku Captured” is ANH and “The Gungan General is RotJ. The first episode is a fun adventure with great Anakin/Obi-Wan bickering. The second episode has its kiddy moments because of Jar Jar. (You thought he was bad before? Try Jar Jar not voiced by Ahmed Best. Yes, that’s actually a bad thing.) However, any scene without him is still a blast and there are a few sadder moments.

Fun Fact: The Senator that accompanies Jar Jar in the second episode has a staff that might look familiar to Indiana Jones fans.

Episode 13-14: “Jedi Crash” “Defenders of Peace”
Synopsis: Anakin and company, along with Aayla Secura, are stranded on a seemingly peaceful world. Anakin is injured, forcing Ahsoka to step up. The inhabitants of the world are proudly pacifist (and Celtic) lemurs. Which is great news for the Separatists who are setting up a military base. The Jedi must find a way to protect innocent lives without breaking the Prime Directive. Wait wrong series.

Rating: ANH. This feels very much like a day-in-the-life sort of crazy mission Jedi would find themselves on. It’s also a good look at the difficulties a Jedi has in juggling real emotions and their Code. However, there’s more than enough action to keep you interested.

Fun Fact: George Takei voices a Separatist general.

Episode 15: “Trespass” 
Synopsis: Anakin and Obi-Wan, a pair of politicians, and everyone’s favorite odd couple R2 and 3PO make their way to an uninhabited world. Both Republic and Separatist forces have come under attack from a third party. Maybe the planet isn’t uninhabited after all? The very idea causes political and military concerns. The Jedi must stop a potential slaughter.

Rating: ESB. There’s plenty of action, but the motivations behind the fighting are more important. Some big themes come up in this that might go over younger heads.

Episode 16: “The Hidden Enemy”
Synopsis: War on the planet of Christophsis! Anakin and Obi-Wan go after Asajj Ventress while Rex and Cody try to track down a traitor… a clone traitor.

Rating: AotC. There’s a bit of a mystery involved in this one, but there’s a lightsaber duel to mix things up.

Flow Walker Warning! This is actually a direct prequel to The Clone Wars film. The plots aren’t particularly connected, but you might be confused by a few elements at the ending if you were unaware.

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