Season One


Welcome to the Season One Guide to The Clone Wars! This article has two purposes. 1) To break down the season story arc by story arc and give you an insight into the tone of each episode. 2) To clear up some confusion regarding the episodes that aired out of chronological order. (Let’s call them “Flow Walkers” just to use a fun Expanded Universe term.)

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Wait, they didn’t air in order? Well, do I want to watch them in chronological order??” Don’t worry about it. “But, but, but, wait. Will I understand if I don’t watch them in order???” Yes, yes you will. “But I feel this compulsion to watch the show in order!!” Breathe, dude. It’s gonna be okay.

I’ll provide relevant information of Flow Walking episodes as needed to avoid possible confusion. Otherwise, the specific order of episodes is not important. Many of them presumably occur concurrently. So unless you hook up multiple screens in the same room, you’ll never be able to watch them in the proper order anyway. “Challenge Accepted.” Wrong show. Oh, never mind.

Here’s where the fun begins!

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