50 Subscribers Special! (YB Goes Outside!)

November 10, 2017 YB 0

That’s right, YodaBauer braves the out of doors just for you guys! Thanks for your support of the channel so far! We’ve grown a lot in just in the last 3 months thanks to the help of the YouTube Wolfpack. Check us out at http://www.port-haven.com! Follow us on Twitter @PortHavenForums

The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown, Twice Baked…

October 15, 2017 The Dark Moose 2

First, watch Yoda’s Stew you must. YB does an excellent job of dicing up the content of the trailer, and she shares some compelling theories that’ll twist yer melon. Next, keep reading, because we’re gonna slice and dice some more. We’ve had a few days since the epic and presumably

The YouTube Wolf Podcast

October 14, 2017 YB 0

  The YouTube Wolf Podcast   Hey everyone! It’s YodaBauer (Obvs). Recently we’ve amped up our site activity. More articles, more videos, more tweets. We want to build up our community and bring in fresh faces in this new Golden Age of Star Wars. As a part of that effort

Specter of the Future

July 18, 2016 YB 0

  “History is on the move, Captain. Those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all.“ As Star Wars fans we’ve all been faced with a choice: cling to what we know or

Rogue One Trailer Breakdown:

April 7, 2016 YB 0

I’m not here to mince words. The trailer is out. Let’s break it down. Here’s the link to the trailer from the official Star Wars account: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wji-BZ0oCwg :06 Seconds: We hear the Force theme as our new hero walks – in cuffs -into a Rebellion bunker. The base appears to

They Know Our Eyes

November 28, 2015 YB 0

  November 6th, 2014 We saw a title for the first time: The Force Awakens. November 28th, 2014 We saw a trailer for the first time. 90 seconds of euphoria. I remember the day well. It was Black Friday, but instead of shoving crazed shoppers out of my way to

Why The Force Awakens is NOT The Phantom Menace

October 21, 2015 YB 0

  It’s Christmas morning. (Or the morn of a holiday of your choice.) There’s so many gifts, but you really only care about that one you beeeeged Santa to bring you. The best dang toy ever, the one you’ve been waiting for for-ev-er! Five-ever even. But of course your mom

In Media Res:

May 25, 2015 YB 0

  May 25th 1977 and 1983 saw the first and final installments of “The Star Wars Trilogy”. “The” Star Wars Trilogy. And now look at us in 2015; a trilogy, two TV series, smaller spin-off films, comics, games, and novels later. How perfect is it that both trilogies began and

The Beginning Is The Middle And Not The End

May 19, 2015 YB 0

October 30th, 2012: A day long remembered. I was angry. I was fearful. I was everything a Jedi shouldn’t be. New Star Wars was coming. And I didn’t know why but I knew I didn’t like it. As time passed I came to terms with what this meant. I was